Halloween Costume Ideas from 2016 Horror Movies

Halloween is just around the corner!  Have you decided on what you want to dress up as this year? If you’re reading this article, then the answer is probably “no.”  Never fear!  We’ve scrounged up some costume ideas for characters from some of 2016’s best horror movies.


The Conjuring 2


The Conjuring 2 - Annabelleannabelle-doll-headshot







Who doesn’t love that creepy doll from the Conjuring and Annabelle movies?  This look can easily be pulled off with just a few easy-to-find items (see DIY below).  Or, if you’d rather purchase something that looks more authentic, click on the links below (under Where to Purchase). Either way, you’re sure to be one of the creepiest characters at your next party!  Fair warning…this Annabelle does NOT come in a locked case, so everyone at the party better beware!


  • Long white nightgown
  • Wig with bangs and two braids
  • Red ribbon
  • Creepy makeup

Where to Purchase:

Recommended Costumes:

Adult Annabelle Costume - Annabelle

You'll think twice about playing with this deadly doll. Possessed and ready t... [More]

Price: $49.99

Adult Annabelle Mask w/WigAdult Annabelle Mask w/Wig

Demonologists will agree that Annabelle is one very possessed doll. Once she feels scorned that is when the chaos begins. Wear this Adult Annabelle Mask w/Wig while you commit devious acts around the house. Hide someone’s keys or leave an eerie note in the kitchen. You can always blame the creepy deeds on Annabelle…


Conjuring 2 - ValakValak







Ah, yes!  The sinister demon from the new Conjuring 2 movie!  Your friends will find that it’s very hard to look you in the eye when they see you at this year’s Halloween party.  If you’re looking for something that may give everyone nightmares, this is it!


  • Black robe
  • White turtleneck
  • Black fabric for the hood
  • Black and white face paint
  • Green (or other creepy) contact lenses

Where to Purchase:

Currently, none of the Halloween costume websites have a licensed costume for this character, but it should be easy to “conjure” up with a different costume.  I’d recommend purchasing the Adult Sinister Sister costume below, which comes with the gown, collar, veil, gloves, mask, and medallion.  The costume is made of polyester material.  You won’t need the mask to pull off the Valak character, so you can just let a friend borrow that this year.  You’ll also want to purchase black and white face paint to top off the look.


Sinister Sister CostumeSinister Sister Costume

She’ll pray for you! This Sinister Sister Costume is a scary look that is a great addition to any religious or zombie group. Her prayers are demonic and they are geared toward those who cross her so watch out!

Skeleton Makeup KitSkeleton Makeup Kit

Looking for a dramatic way to complete your skeleton costume that doesn’t involve hiding behind a mask all night? This skeleton makeup kit includes everything you need to create a realistic looking skull over your own face!

Lights Out

Diana / Shadow Figure










One of the scariest films of 2016, Lights Out, reminded us why we should be afraid of the dark!   Bring that fear alive at this year’s Halloween party by dressing as Diana, the dark spirit that hates the light.


  • Black clothes
  • Black face/body paint (or black second skin suit)
  • Long black messy wig
  • Long fingered gloves or extremely long black nails
  • Yellow contacts (optional)

Where to Purchase:

Once again, there is not currently an official licensed costume for Diana’s character.  Instead, you’ll want to piece this together using some of the DIY items noted above.  However, we do recommend a few products to help make this easier:

BlackBlack Second Skin Suit Second Skin Suit

This black second skin suit fits over your entire body, even the hands and feet. The zentai suit is like a blank canvas that you can accessorize with wigs, belts, boots and other extras to create your own unique look.

Long Fingered GlovesLong Fingered Gloves

What’s one way to amp up the spook-factor on your costume? Well, nothing says creepy like long slender fingers! You’ll look like a mix between a wicked witch and Freddy Krueger when you don these long fingered gloves. The wet look of the gloves and the pointy fingers will turn your whole arm into a nightmarish limb. Wear them for an eerie come hither look that can’t be ignored!

The Purge: Election Year

The Purge Mask 1  The Purge Mask 2  The Purge Mask 3

The third installment of the Purge trilogy brings with it a few new masked characters.  These characters are pretty much guaranteed to make a statement at your next party.  For the experienced mask maker, DIY might just be a practical option.   However, for the amateur, making the masks yourself might end up being very time consuming and costly.   Luckily, Halloween stores carry affordable masks to pull off these looks.

Where to Buy:

Recommended Costumes:

Deathocracy Mask

This horrifying Deathocracy mask gives a whole new meaning to political correctne... [More]

Price: $12.99

Snaggletooth Mask

Add a frightening touch to any costume with this scary Snaggletooth mask! This ma... [More]

Price: $12.99

Blind Justice Mask

Scare all of your friends remind them that justice is blind with this horrifying ... [More]

Price: $16.99


Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens

Sharnado 4











We’ve waited for it, and it’s finally here!  Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens gives Halloween fanatics another opportunity to flood the parties with the terrifying sharks from the hugely popular Sharknado series.

Where to Buy:

Halloween stores have various options from full-blown shark costumes to accessories that you can use to piece together a great costume.  Here are a few recommendations:



Adult Shark Costume

Adult Shark Costume

You want to know how to get ahead in life? Just take some advice from nature, specifically the shark. Sharks never stop moving forward and they’re never timid about what they want. They swim where they please and eat whatever they want, because they’re an apex predator. That could be you. All you have to do is wear this shark costume to the office and everyone will know not to mess with you, because sharks do whatever the heck they want to do. Just don’t swim your way into any tornadoes while wearing it. That’s a disaster waiting to happen!

Cozy Shark Adult CostumeCozy Shark Adult Costume

Going through Shark Week withdrawal? We understand, that’s why we offer this cozy shark costume. You can zip yourself into this soft fleece dress, peek out of the shark mouth hood and feel at little more at peace with the fact that it will be awhile before your favorite ocean creatures return for your viewing pleasure. Not that we should encourage your obsession, but did you know that you can stream some of those episodes online? Luckily this costume if comfy enough to binge watch TV in too.

Shark Attack Costume - Adult Funny Shark Halloween CostumesShark Attack Costume – Adult Funny Shark Halloween Costumes

When you’re swimming out in the ocean you may notice a fin sticking out of the water. This fin would belong to a Great White Shark and if you’re not careful he may notice you. Once this vicious fish sees you you’ll see that shark fin turn in your direction and move quite fast. Try to swim away all you want but that shark will catch up with you make you his mid afternoon snack. You can now look a shark’s tasty treat in this shark attack costume. This is perfect for fans of the greatest week ever known as Shark Week.

Deluxe Shark HatDeluxe Shark Hat

Interesting facts about sharks:1. They can’t get cancer! The medical community is studying sharks in hopes of creating an anti-cancer drug.2. On average, more people will die from a bee sting than a shark.3. A man is more likely to be attacked by a shark than a woman.4. A Deluxe Shark Hat is the closest you’ll probably get to a shark attack!



Rings - Samara

Rings - Samara 2










The third installment of the Ring trilogy crawls into theaters this October, just in time for your Halloween party!  This is the perfect time to dress up as Samara, the creepy ghost-girl who created the cursed video tape.


  • Long black wig
  • Long white nightgown
  • White body paint
  • and of course, a creepy walk/crawl that is sure to freak out everyone at the party!

Where to Purchase:

It doesn’t appear that the Halloween stores have a licenses costume for this character, but here are a few recommendations for products in the DIY list above:

Black Witch Costume WigBlack Witch Costume Wig

The color black is often associated with the end, secrets, magic, and evil. Whether you plan to be wicked, sexy, or just plain sinister, you’ll need a witchy do. Get ready for a fun night of brewing and broom flying–without having to worry about your hair–with this Black Witch Wig.

White Body PaintWhite Body Paint

Art is in the eye of the beholder, or at least that’s what people tell us! We think drawing smiley faces on your body with this White Body Paint is art. Of course, you’ve probably got way better ideas for this body paint than that, so we’ll just leave what you can do with it to your own imagination.

While You’re Here:

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What do you think?

It’s worth noting that 2016 was a busy year for the horror movie genre, which brings with it so many character options for Halloween costumes!  How can one ever decide on which character to be this year!?  Hopefully, we’ve provided you with some great costume ideas, as well as some helpful recommendations on where to buy the items that you’ll need to make this year’s costume the best one yet!

Leave a comment below to let us know which costume you decided on, or let us know of other costume ideas from 2016 movies that we might have overlooked.  Also, use the buttons below to share this article with your friends on social media!

Happy Haunting!!

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